Inherent Vice vs. Gravity’s Rainbow: An All Pynchon Friday

OMFG!  The greatest book trailer ever produced.  An absolutely brilliant sell job by the folks in marketing/publicity at Penguin USA.  Great cinematography, excellent editing, great music, great voice, great tone.  Whoever was in charge of making this happen just lapped the field, set the bar and shouldn’t be the one buying drinks until some time in 2010.

(However… come back from lunch, book people… is it really necessary to put the ISBN 13 in the title of the video?  What are you thinking?  Just for the record, just so that we can move past this point: nobody cares about the ISBN number.  Nobody.  Not a single person that I know ever thinks about it.  At no point has anyone ever said, “Gee, that book sounds familiar, maybe if you tell me the ISBN number it’ll jog my memory.”  Just sayin’.)


And why not follow it up with a glimpse back in time to those old, cold days of the Nixon Administration in 1973 when Thomas Pynchon won the National Book Award for Gravity’s Rainbow?  Cool little video featuring George Plimpton and the man who accepted the award on behalf of Mr Pynchon, Irvin Corey.

Thomas Pynchon.  One of the truly great writers of our time.  Have a great weekend.


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  • Reply August 13, 2009


    Holy shit! I don’t remember the last time an ad actually triggered a physical compulsion to go buy something RIGHT NOW!!! Inherent Vice, here I come…

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