Adults Go Wild Over Latest In Childrens Picture Book Series


An excellent interview with John Basil, CEO of Sunflower Books, publisher of the Green Man Series.

Female host: “John, why do think that these books have struck such a chord, not only with kids, but adults as well?”

John Basil: “I think that a lot of people feel that these books fill a void left in contemporary adult literature which tends to favor stodgy tomes with hundreds of pages and almost no pictures.”

Sean Cranbury is the Executive Editor of Books on the Radio. He's also Founder and Creative Director of the Real Vancouver Writers' Series. Sean is General Manager at the legendary Storm Crow Tavern and consults with literary arts organizations on digital communications strategies.


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    This is from the onion … It’s fake news, look them up.

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      Sean Cranbury


      Ladies and gentlemen, theonionuser[at]yahoo[dot]com!

      Put your hands together for him/her. Really great to have ’em drop by.

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