Stephen Marche, Johanna Skibsrud & Linden MacIntyre Do ‘Snooki’.

OH Everywhere in Publishing: "We publish books like this so that we can publish the really good stuff later." Uh-huh. Right.

Thank you, Simon and Schuster, for your continued commitment to publishing books that we didn’t even know we needed.

The very cool CBC program Day 6 has posted some great audio of recent Giller fiction winners Linden MacIntyre and Johanna Skibsrud reading selected passages from the newly published novel A Shore Thing by Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi.

My favorite living Canadian writer, Stephen Marche, reviews the book in the National Post’s Afterword.

Here’s a quote that Mr Marche pulls from the book. It should give you an idea of the quality of lyricism at play in this fictional narrative:

“Any juicehead will get some nut shrinkage. And bacne. They fly into a ’roid rage. In traffic, it’s called a ‘road ’roid rage.’ ”

Nut shrinkage. ‘Road ‘roid rage.

Moving on.

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