Interview with Noah Genner of BookNet Canada: The Canadian Book Consumer 2012

Canadian Book Consumer 2012

Last week I was in Montreal to speak with the Association of English-language Book Publishers of Quebec about using the web and social media to develop communications and discoverability strategies for publishers, writers, and books.

While I was there I was made aware of the imminent release of BookNet Canada’s research into consumer behavior entitled: The Canadian Book Consumer 2012, Book Buying Behavior in Canada.

I was stoked to hear that they had been working on this project and were finally releasing the results.

Anyone who is interested in how consumers make decisions of what, when and where to buy books or ebooks as the web continues to dumbfound and disintermediate traditional discoverability and sales channels will find lots of food for thought in this booklet.

I spoke to the CEO of BookNet Canada, Noah Genner, via skype from my cavernous hotel room in Montreal. Noah was speaking from the BookNet offices in Toronto.

A really fascinating conversation about a very important and evolving bit of research that’s of immense importance to the traditional and developing book/ebook trade.

Our friends at the CBC do a nice job of providing an overview of the research and some of the key discoveries. Check it here: Ebook Sales Surging in Canada but Print Sales Still Tops.

Please check the audio link below to hear our conversation. Apologies for the substandard sound quality, I take full ownership for that and will work on finding a fix.

Thanks to Noah and the unflappable Samantha Francis for setting this up.


Sean Cranbury is the Executive Editor of Books on the Radio. He's also Founder and Creative Director of the Real Vancouver Writers' Series. Sean is General Manager at the legendary Storm Crow Tavern and consults with literary arts organizations on digital communications strategies.

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