The New Books on the Radio 4.0

I’m sitting in an Ottawa hotel room sipping the first coffee of the day and I have determined that it’s time to push the new BOTR off the proverbial ledge and out into the world.

Books on the Radio has been on hiatus for the last 6+ months and in that time this site has been built and rebuilt a few different times but nothing ever seemed to satisfy my vision for where this site should be going.

But I think that I’ve finally built something that comes pretty close to what I want for this site and so here it is in all its shambling, unfinished, iterative glory.

A Little History:

Books on the Radio started in 2009 as a radio show on Simon Fraser University’s station CJSF 90.1 FM. I quickly built a very rudimentary website to accompany the show.

That very first website, simple and comparatively ugly as it was, operated as my introduction to using the web as a platform for sharing ideas. The social media channels that I attached to that initial site pushed and pulled content and interactions to and from a local, national, and international audience.

From there Books on the Radio became a kind of umbrella operation for a series of literary projects and collaborations like the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series, Literary Death Match Vancouver, the first-ever Giller Light Bash Vancouver, the 24 Hour Book Project, Griffin Vancouver, the Utopia Festival, Bookcamp Vancouver, among others.

OttawaAnd now here I am in Ottawa at the behest of the folks at the Canada Council for the Arts to take part in meetings with some of the brightest people in the book publishing world as we prepare to build a National Forum on Writing and Publishing for some time in early 2014.

This is a moment that seems appropriate for this relaunch.

The Unadorned Now:

As the many Books on the Radio Projects developed the time that was available to me to properly curate BOTR suffered and I eventually decided that I needed to step away from it completely for a while in order to gain some perspective on it.

I even wondered whether I would walk away from it for good.

But no matter what I did Books on the Radio was still banging around in my head. It was upending the furniture and spilling the proverbial wine and knocking loudly in the middle of the night.

And so here it is.

At the moment it is little more than a foundation, some scaffolding, and an array of power tools left abandoned in half-finished rooms at the end of a long day.

There’s sawdust and exposed wiring everywhere. The stairs aren’t finished, either, and the roof… well, the roof, it doesn’t quite exist yet.

But the new Books on the Radio is starting to look like it should and when it’s finished it will be a beautiful thing.

Please have patience with me as I work to get all of the audio and written archives back online.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.

Sean Cranbury is the Executive Editor of Books on the Radio. He's also Founder and Creative Director of the Real Vancouver Writers' Series. Sean is General Manager at the legendary Storm Crow Tavern and consults with literary arts organizations on digital communications strategies.

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