About The Projects

Books on the Radio Projects is an evolving collection of creative projects that grew out of the original weekly radio show that was broadcast on CJSF 90.1 FM.

The current version of Books on the Radio seeks to consolidate all of The Projects together in one place in order to provide readers with a better sense of how all of these iterations fit together and inform one another.

The Projects are the result of many people collaborating and working together. A partial list of people who have made significant contributions to one or more of the projects includes: Julie Wilson, Liisa Hannus, Dina Del Bucchia, Trevor Battye, John Maxwell, Monique Sherrett, Carmel Purkis, Irwin Oostindie, Lianne Payne, Hal Wake, Nikki Reimer and Alex Leslie.

Below is a brief description of each Project.

Books on the Radio (BOTR):

In 2009 Sean Cranbury started a weekly radio show and blog called Books on the Radio.

It was broadcast on Simon Fraser University’s independent community station and quickly became a very popular source for interviews and opinions on new books, writing, and the massive technological shift that was affecting the entire book publishing industry.

Books on the Radio actively engages its growing online community through the use of podcasting, social media and public events.

BOTR is the nucleus of the Books on the Radio Projects.

The Advent Book Blog (ABB):

The Advent Book Blog is a community-fueled viral book recommendation engine that occurs annually from December 1st to December 25th.

Created as a response to the lacklustre year-end ‘best of‘ lists that are routinely produced by traditional media channels, the Advent Book Blog taps the voice and enthusiasm of real readers to provide genuine book recommendations.

Using a WordPress content management system and the power of social media (especially Facebook and Twitter) the Advent Book Blog reaches thousands of readers in all parts of Canada, the United States, the UK, Australia, and around the world.

It is a glorious collaboration between BOTR, Book Madam and Associates, some dedicated Advent Book Elfs, and hundreds of readers, writers, booksellers, and publishing industry professionals.

The ABB was created by Sean Cranbury and Julie Book Madam Wilson in 2009.

The W2 Real Vancouver Writers’ Series (RVWS):

The RVWS is an independently curated reading series that occurs at the W2 Media Cafe’s Underground Performance Space, located below the refurbished Woodwards Building in Vancouver’s downtown east side.

The series was created by Sean Cranbury, Trevor Battye and W2 as a response to the lack of literary programming during the 2010 Winter Games. The Olympics Edition was such a success that we continue to program events from time to time.

The format for a typical RVWS event is short 7 minute readings from a variety of writers representing Vancouver’s many different creative literary communities, a well stocked bar, plenty of opportunities for writers to connect directly with their fans, and some good music.

The RVWS is an inclusive series that welcomes writers from beyond British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Recent editions have included Toronto’s Jessica Westhead, Charlottetown’s Jeff Bursey, and Fernie’s Angie Abdou.

Each edition of the series is livestreamed to the web and archived for posterity.

Giller Light Bash: Vancouver (GLBV):

Tuesday November 8th, 2011 was the 10th anniversary of the Giller Light Bash and first year that the event was held in Vancouver at the W2 Media Cafe in support of Frontier College.

Vancouver joined Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary as cities celebrating Canada’s most influential literary award for fiction, The Giller Prize.

The event was hosted by Hal Wake, Artistic Director of The Vancouver International Writer’s Festival, and Dina Del Bucchia, a local poet, bon-vivant, and former bookseller.

The Giller Light Bash also featured a short edition of the W2 Real Vancouver Writers’ Series.

Bookcamp Vancouver:

Bookcamp Vancouver is a free one-day unconference focusing on creativity, technology, and the publishing industry.

Hundreds of people from around Vancouver gather at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre to discuss the present and future of publishing.

Bookcamp is locally organized by a collaborative that includes John Maxwell of SFU’s Masters of Publishing Program, Monique Sherrett and Crissy Campbell of Boxcar Marketing, and Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio.

We are grateful to BookNet Canada and the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing for their generous support.

Book Launches:

BOTR and W2 also collaborate to create special events for writers or publishers.

In the past we have helped to launch Zsuzsi Gartner‘s amazing collection of short fiction, Better Living Through Plastic Explosives, and Kaitlin Fontana‘s excellent Fresh at Twenty, The Oral History of Mint Records, as well as many others.

These events featured live music, multi-media presentations, readings, and lots of book sales.

Send an email to sean at creativetechnology dot org to inquire about event and launches.