Quick note before we go any further:

Books on the Radio is an enthusiasm channel.

We work hard and volunteer our time to build these websites, create public events, do interviews with people, write blog posts, etc… because we’re crazy enough to think that it’s fun. Because we love books, we love writing, and we love the people most often involved in this type of creative expression.

Increased awareness for a book or writer will be the result of their participation in a Project. More importantly, for us anyway, that participation contributes to a growing community of book peeps in Vancouver, across Canada and around the world.

Got that? Are you down? Ok, then. Let’s proceed.

Books on the Radio does accept unsolicited book deliveries, emails, tweets, random street corner handshakes and the like.

Please get in touch with us if you’re a publisher or author with a new book* or if you’re planning to be in Vancouver at some future point and you’d like to participate in the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series, or if you’d like to plan a book launch or some other literary event at the W2 Media Cafe, or whatever.

Books on the Radio
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Phone: 778-987-8774

Email: sean at booksontheradio dot ca

Twitter: @seancranbury | @booksontheradio |@w2realvancouver | @adventbookblog

* Hello, again. The books that interest us here at BOTRP tend towards idea-driven popular contemporary non-fiction, books about technology, contemporary literary fiction, noir/pulp fiction, comedy, modern philosophy, books by independent publishers, poetry, some science/speculative fiction, international writing that more Canadians should know about and all kinds of other stuff.

Really, we’re very open-minded.

But we’re generally not interested in sci-fi/fantasy series, books of religious spiritualism involving angels and flowers and things like that, car manuals, most self-published work (although we will always support high quality independent writing), and etc…

Take a look at the books in the ‘Books That You Should Be Reading’ Column on the main page of the site for a sense of what we like and where we’re going.