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The Interruption [Creative Breaks and Returns]: The Interruption is a year-long collaboration between Books on the Radio and Canada’s premier books, writing, and publishing website, 49th Shelf.

BOTR provided 26 episodes of audio featuring Canadian writers talking about the things that inform, inspire, and even interrupt their creative process and what brings them back to their writing again. Each episode also included a short reading by the author from their work.

Can’t say enough good things about 49th Shelf and all the people that contribute to it. Great people. You should support them.

Real Vancouver Writers’ Series: Real Vancouver Writers’ Series began during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games as an independent, grassroots response to the relative absence of literary programming in the city during that time.

In collaboration with W2 Culture and Media House, RVWS hosted forty four writers over four weekly standing room only events during February 2010. The series was such a success that it continues to this day.

Real Vancouver has curated and hosted dozens of events with some of the best writers in Vancouver and beyond. Writers from across the country have joined us to provide spirited, convivial, inclusive literary events that connect writers with readers and help to build the emerging literary community of in Vancouver.

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International 24 Hour Book Project:  Books on the Radio partnered with London, UK’s Ministry of Stories, the German Book Office in New Delhi, India, and British Council Malaysia office in Kuala Lumpur, to create a single novel written over four time zones by four different groups of writers within one single day.

The project was called the International 24 Hour Book Project and it was launched on World Book Day, March 1st, 2012.

Find out more about the Ministry of Stories. Find out more about the 24 Hour Book Project.

Books on the Radio Live!: Live literary readings and monumental Mayan sculpture together at last!

In a huge artist’s studio on Franklin Street in east Vancouver, Books on the Radio and local sculptor Rob Turriff collaborated on a one-night-only event that featured a literary reading set within a weird setting populated by 14 sculptures of Mayan tomb guardians and a giant 18′ ornamental skull that served as a backdrop to the readings.

Featuring Vancouver legends Zsuzsi Gartner and Chris Walter, as well as Rachel Rose, Buch Buckwald, Britt Huddart, and Nathaniel G. Moore. And an epic sangria.

Bookcamp Vancouver 2009 & 2010:

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